For Hire


I currently charge $375/month to handle promotion and consultation for musicians and bands.

However, if you’d only like help with one particular facet of your career, we can create a custom-priced and custom-tailored plan just to meet your needs.

What’s Included?

I’m glad you asked!

Initial Consultation: Every band is different in terms of what they need and what the next best step is for them to advance their career. When we begin working together, I’ll first evaluate what your goals are as a band. Next, I’ll see what type of existing media coverage you’ve been able to garner, what your current touring schedule looks like, and how well your website is being utilized as a point of sale contact for your new and existing fans. Finally, I’ll analyze your social media outlets and find out what’s in need of fixing up, what’s working well for you, and how you can better leverage the existing fans you have to make more sales and better attendance at your shows.

Follow-Ups: Twice a month I schedule a follow-up phone call to give you or your band an outline of what I’ve accomplished so far in the month, what still needs to be done, and what our plan moving forward is going to be.

Tracking: I like to make sure that all of my clients are on the same page as me. At the end of each month, I’ll send a tracking report to all of the members of the band with a complete list of what’s been accomplished during the month as well as a general overview section that gives the band a sense of how things are doing. This is typically includes an analytics packet for each of the following categories.

  • FaceBook
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Blog Emails
  • Blog Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Press Opportunities
  • Misc.

Everything Changes

Part of the joy of working in the music industry is how variable it is. All of the above plans are custom tailored to your band’s needs. It would be foolish to apply the same marketing strategy to every band across the board. Each plan is uniquely yours and as we move forward, these plans can and will change to better accommodate the growth and changes you experience as a band.

Let’s Talk

Please send me an email so we can talk about what you’d like to accomplish for your band in the coming months and how I can help you achieve those goals.

sunshinemusicpromo [at]


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